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Advantage: proGrammar! Front Cover

Advantage: proGrammar
"Advantage: proGrammar!"
Album # 11

Advantage: proGrammar! Rear Cover

Singing, Rapping
+ The Advantage
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1. Summer Camp (Wizards & Warriors, Intro)
2. Evil Inside You (Double Dragon III, Egypt)
3. Sebastian & Lulu (Marble Madness, Stage I)
4. Goonies 'R' Good Enough, Dude (Goonies II, Theme)
5. Money Can't Buy Happine$$ (Bomberman II)
6. Aluminum Hybrid Cars (Bubble Bobble)
7. Jennifer (Ducktales, Moon Stage)
8. Not Afraid of Getting Old (Mega Man II, Bubble Man Stage)
9. Revenge (The Legend of Zelda, Fortress)
10. Shout Outro! (Bionic Commando, P.O.W. Camp)

More About This Album:

I first heard of The Advantage, an amazing band from Sacramento, CA that plays instrumental versions of Nintendo theme songs (theadvantageband.com), through a piece in the Technology section of the NY Times sometime around 2004. I quickly fell in love with their music and began attending shows by them, introducing myself. I asked at one of these shows if they wouldn't mind if I wrote and recorded some singing / rapping to their stuff and they said, "Sure." I think they were still a bit surprised to see me at another show six months later when I offered to spontaneously perform what I had written. They were into it, so I made this record and they invited me to come on tour with them for a bit.

This project hasn't been entirely free of controversy, however. A lot of the gaming nerds who love their music hate what I do to it (even tho they can still buy it and listen to it free of me.) When I briefly joined The Advantage on tour during the Summer of 2006, I was viciously heckled at our first show in Boston (it was largely my fault, as I had made the decision to give no explanation on anybody's part to a capacity crowd about what we were doing.) There are also lots of entertainingly negative comments on our MySpace page (myspace.com/AdvantageproGrammar) and the iTunes page for this album (http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=193411161&s=143441).

The dope thing about The Advantage's music, from my perspective as a writer, is how some of the songs are perfect for singing, and some for rapping. It seemed tailor-made to me or an artist just like me. I recorded this album in Aitlincay Osenray's (she doesn't want to be Googlable) bedroom in Brooklyn and Paul Gold mastered it at his former room at Brooklynphono.

Aitlincay Osenray featured on Sebastian & Lulu (a song about her sugar-gliders;) Tim Perry featured on Aluminum Hybrid Cars; Charlie Gilbert, Greg Mackenzie, Timmy Dowling, Tim Perry featured on Jennifer.

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